Saturday, June 9, 2012

Model: Fire tree and other trees

After many postponement I finally have the time to photograph the fire trees in Lower Tumon and even able to get other photos of other subjects.

A cloud in the early morning shape like Africa

A fire tree in its full bloom

A view of the fire tree at 6:00 am at Reef Hotel

Aside from the fire tree this shrub with yellow flowers caught my eye

in its beautiful bloom

I had a hard time getting a clear shot at the fire tree in Hyatt. Any advice on how to reduce noise or how to shoot at a bright sun at my back?

a shot of the fire tree at the gates of Hyatt Hotel Guam

The red tree in its majestic sight

with the sun already up took pictures underneath

with this fire tree in Hyatt Hotel in Guam

The perfect white of the Calachuci

it endured the hardships of life with pride

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