Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paint.Net Effects Project 1: Images at Hotel Nikko Guam

Photography is not only limited to the point and shoot results, there is a lot of post-processing to be done.

At first the very first thing I wanted to do before I share my images is to put a signature or watermark for two things: 1) promote your photography and  2) prevent people from using or claiming your photography and using it for personal gain, this is what we call copyright.

There are lots of editing software out there you might have tried using Microsoft's Paint and Publisher which comes with any Windows PC,  the famous Adobe software like Lightroom and Photoshop, and others. Of those Photoshop is the well known and well use by professionals and it does have great editing capability but the downside is that it also cost a lot.

For hobbyist, enthusiast, and soon to be professional photographers it would be hard on the budget since we are still in the exploratory and developmental stage of our skills as a photographer. So why not use something that cost nothing but nearly works as good as Adobe Photoshop?

Yes there is such a thing and that one is  software is called Paint.Net

Check my photos below and see what Paint.Net can do.

Adding signature or watermark made easy
Smell the flowers

Lets go and conquer the ocean!

Warning be careful out there

Let's have a joyride

Crop your images and show only the best parts

Let's have a joyride

Yellow flower

Effects made easy

lomography effect in Paint.net

sde by side comparison

another example of lomography effect using Paint.Net

Vignette effect